Butterfinger DreamShake

Tier Couture Bakery has milkshakes worth dreaming about, that is why we like to call our shakes “DreamShakes”. Our milkshakes are unique and custom made for each customer. There is no other place that makes milkshakes the same way as Tier Couture Bakery. Getting a milkshake from Tier Couture Bakery, will certainly be a memorable experience.

Our DreamShakes are handcrafted for the perfect taste.

It is our belief that great milkshakes can be made from just about anything you like to eat. Quality ingredients are the key to our milkshake magnificence. We have created our line of specialty milkshakes in a manner that gives each one a personality as distinct as your own. Tier Couture Bakery is confident our shakes will make you a regular customer at our bakery. Come try a milkshake worth dreaming about.

You can see some of our “DreamShakes” in the gallery below or you can also visit our Instagram to see pictures of our shakes.

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