V.I.P. Birthday Club Program

How it Works

The VIP Birthday Club Program is designed to allow to parents to get their kids a designer custom cake with low monthly payments. Our VIP Birthday Club allows parents to choose the cake size plus additional add-ons of choice to create a stunning birthday cake along with an amazing dessert table for half the price. This program is ideal for parents who wants to give their kids their dream birthday cake, baby shower cake or any cake for any event. The price chart is calculated with payments for 6 months. The way the program is set up. Parents would ideally start about 6 months before their kids planned birthday party. We would go over the cake of choice and all the dessert table options. No down payment is require to start if start the program with 6 months or more before the schedule event. You can also join our V.I.P Club by paying a annual fee of $25 and have access to all of our club prices for a year.

You can still enroll in our VIP Birthday Club Program, if you don’t have 6 months left until the birthday or event. For example, if its June and you have a birthday coming in September. If you decided to choose our smallest tier package which is a 6” and a 8” cake for $30 per month. You would pay for April, May, and June as a down payment then continue on in July with normal monthly payments.  So you initial payment would be $90 and starting in July you would be billed normally on the 1st of each month for $30.00 per month.

Benefits of our VIP Birthday Club Program:

  • Free cake tasting
  • Save on an average of 25%-35% off of pre-order item
  • Free Delivery with all 3-Tiered cakes (up to 10 miles) Anything over 10 miles will incur a small delivery fee from $20-50 depending on the distance
  • Cake server with plastic knife along with cake cutting chart
  • Additional $5.00 off per month for additional cake packages ordered on the program
  • If 5 or more cake packages are ordered an additional $10 per month will be taken off.
  • Once you have competed your first initial 6 month payments. You will become a V.I.P Member and will have access to all of our club prices.

Only limited space available, only 3 spots per calendar day. *Prices are subject to changes depending on market changes.


Tier’s VIP Birthday Club Program

Two Tier Cakes
Cake SizesServingsRegular PriceClub PriceSavingsMonthly Price

*All cakes include fondant designs. Additional $5 off per month for each additonal cake package.

*Monthly price is subject to additional fees depending on the fondant design.

*Refer someone to us and your last payment is on us.

Three Tier Cakes
Cake SizesServingsRegular PriceClub PriceSavingsMonthly Price

*All cakes include fondant designs. Additional $5 off per month for each additional cake.

*All three tier cakes include delivery and set up

Pillow Cakes
Cake Sizes Regular PriceClub PriceSavingsMonthly Price
1 Tier Pillow$165.00$145.00$20.00$24.17
2 Tier Pillow$285.00$245.00$40.00$40.83
3 Tier Pillow$405.00$345.00$60.00$57.50
Sheet Cakes

(Can Only Be Added as a Add-On)

Cake Sizes Regular PriceClub PriceSavingsMonthly Price
1/4 Sheet Cake$57.99$47.99$10.00$8.00
1/2 Sheet Cake$82.99$67.99$15.00$11.33
Full Sheet$127.99$107.99$20.00$18.00
Cake Sizes Regular PriceClub PriceSavingsMonthly Price
6″ Smash Cake$45.00$35.00$10.00$5.83
Giant Cupcake (Small)$55.00$45.00$10.00$7.50
Giant Cupcake (Large)$75.00$65.00$10.00$10.83
Dessert Table Add-Ons
Dessert Regular PriceClub PriceSavingsMonthly Price
Cake Pops (per Dozen) $35.00$30.00$5.00$5.00
Spec Cake Pops (per Dozen) $40.00$35.00$5.00$5.83
Mini Cupcakes $12.00$10.00$2.00$1.67
Mini Brownies $12.00$10.00$2.00$1.67
Small Cupcakes $25.00$20.00$5.00$3.33
Regular Cupcakes $35.00$30.00$5.00$5.00
Small Cupcakes with Topper $47.99$42.99$5.00$7.17
Regular Cupcakes with Topper $57.99$52.99$5.00$8.83
Chocolate Strawberries $35.00$30.00$5.00$5.00
Sparkle Berries $40.00$35.00$5.00$5.83
Rice Krispies $35.00$30.00$5.00$5.00
Deco Rice Krispies $45.00$35.00$10.00$5.83
Chocolate Cover Oreos $40.00$35.00$5.00$5.83
Deco Oreos $45.00$40.00$5.00$6.67
Candied Popcorn $40.00$35.00$5.00$5.83
Candy Apples $40.00$35.00$5.00$5.83
Chocolate Apples $45.00$40.00$5.00$6.67
Pretzel Sticks $30.00$25.00$5.00$4.17
Pretzel Rounds $35.00$30.00$5.00$5.00
Jumbo Marshmallows $40.00$35.00$5.00$5.83
Cake Packages

(Includes 2 Tiered Cake, 12 Cupcakes with Fondant and toppers, 12 Cake Pops and 12 Pretzel Sticks)

Cake Sizes Regular PriceClub PriceSavingsMonthly Price
6″/8″ Dessert Table Package$347.00$287.00$60.00$47.83
8″/10″ Dessert Table Package$407.00$347.00$60.00$57.83
10″/12″ Dessert Table Package$438.00$407.00$31.00$67.83